Neighbourhood Action Grants

Published on May 2nd, 2011

ABBOTSFORD, B.C. – Vibrant Abbotsford has introduced their Neighbourhood Action Grants with an aim to build civic participation and local leadership by helping Abbotsford residents transform their ideas into actions. 

These grants will bring people together to achieve a common goal to benefit a wide and diverse circle of people and groups while demonstrating and developing local leadership. The types of projects that will be funded include those that focus on poverty reduction, neighbourhood safety, social and cultural diversity, affordable recreation, and team building.

Applicants must have written support from 5 residents who are willing to collaborate to make their initiate a success.  Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis and should be submitted at least 60 days prior to the start date of the project to allow time for review and approval. No costs incurred prior to approval will be eligible.

Eligible Costs include project supplies, equipment, venue rental, advertising, food, beverages and honoraria. Costs that are not eligible include on-going operating costs or wages, capital improvements to public or private facilities unless the property is made free of charge for community use, revenue generating events and costs incurred prior to approval on the grant.

 Applicants are encouraged to contact the Vibrant Abbotsford office for any assistance and review of the application prior to submission.  Note that funding is limited so please apply early. Applications are available at

This program is made possible through Vibrant Abbotsford & the McConnell Family Foundation.