Living Wage Fraser Valley Project Update

Published on July 10th, 2014

Living Wage Fraser Valley

Living wage is the minimum hourly income required for a family of four with both parents working full-time to meet basic needs without financial assistance. It is based on the principle that people who work full-time should not have to live in poverty. Living Wage Fraser Valley fights working poverty in our community via an employer recognition program, which supports local businesses to become certified Living Wage employers. We raise awareness by developing informational resources and engaging with business, municipalities and communities. Living Wage benefits employers via greater social responsibility and increased employee loyalty and productivity. Employees enjoy higher morale and reduced stress. Families become able to meet basic needs, create safe home environments and participate fully in their communities. They rely less on social programs, and gain self-sufficiency and purchasing power in their community.

Achievements of 2013-2014

Over the past year, Living Wage Fraser Valley has become an established, multi-sectoral group with defined mission, principles, goals and strategies. The 2014 Fraser Valley Living Wage was calculated and publicly released in conjunction with the Metro Vancouver and Greater Victoria campaigns. LWFV now partners with Living Wage for Families to deliver an employer recognition program. Last year we certified our first official Living Wage employer, Vancity. Awareness of Living Wage and working poverty was raised via our 2014 Living Wage Update document, informational brochures, media releases, website, email list, Facebook and Twitter.

Vancity Living Wage Partner

Funders & Partners

Thank you to United Way Fraser Valley who generously provided funding for LIving Wage Fraser Valley for the 2013 - 2014 year.


Thank you to Vancity who generously provided funding for Living Wage Fraser Valley for the 2013 - 2014 year.

Living Wage For Families Campaign

Thank you to Living Wage for Families for sharing resources and allowing Fraser Valley businesses to access the Employer Recoginition Program.

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