Mount Lehman Credit Union Certified As The Fraser Valley's Third Living Wage Employer

Published on July 7th, 2015


Monday July 6th, 2015

(Abbotsford) Nine employers, including one Fraser Valley employer, were certified on July 2nd as Living Wage Employers by the Living Wage for Families Campaign.

Mount Lehman Credit Union, along with Village Cleaners, Dr. V. K. Bubbar, Sea To Sky Network Solutions, Realistic Success Recovery Society, Acuere Consulting, Huu-ay-aht First Nations, Morrison Hershfield, and Yoga Outreach Society are the businesses who have achieved certification.

Mount Lehman Credit Union

Mount Lehman Credit Union is now the third certified Living Wage employer in the Fraser Valley.

“Eight of the nine certified employers have fewer than 50 employees,” observes Deanna Ogle, the campaign organizer with the Living Wage for Families Campaign. “This demonstrates the strong commitment and contribution of small businesses to the economic health of local communities.”

Employers are certified by the Living Wage for Families Campaign when they pay all direct and third party contracted staff a living wage. The living wage is the amount a family of four, with two parents working full time, need to earn to meet their expenses. The living wage in the Fraser Valley is $17.27/hour.

There are now 46 certified Living Wage Employers throughout BC covering more than 6,500 direct employees and countless contracted staff.

Living Wage is important for families to be able to meet basic needs, create safe home environments for themselves and their children, maintain decent standards of living and participate as equal members of society. Benefits extend to employers through higher employee loyalty and productivity, as well as decreased turnover and training and hiring costs.

Local businesses interested in learning more about Living Wage and the certification process can contact Alison Homer at 751-4222 or

Mt Lehman Credit Union - Certified Living Wage Employer plaque awarded
Mt Lehman Credit Union Certified Living Wage Employer

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