Abbotsford Connect

Published on October 20th, 2010

Abbotsford Connect 2010 reached approximately 215 guests that filled out paperwork, and probably more that did not. Twenty-seven service agencies took part in this event, in addition to a number of private individuals that could provide their own services. Clothing, counselling services, foot care, haircuts, eye exams, income assistance, mental health information and referrals, and many more services were provided for attendees of this event. 

7 doctors and their support staff donated their time and served approximately 37 people, an acupuncturist provided services (including smoking cessation) to 35 people, the foot care practitioner was overwhelmed with 19 clients and at least 82 people got their hair cut.

138 guests indicated that they have stable housing; however, many of these guests considered living in a Recovery House, Emergency Shelter, Transition House and living with friends or family as stable housing. 45 guests indicated that they were living outside. 24 people listed ‘lack of money’ as the barrier to housing. 173 of the guests indicated that they lived in the Abbotsford area.

Of the people served that completed “exit” surveys, 72 were male, 93 were female and 20 “unknown.” 55 people that they were 50 years old or older, 58 were between 40-49, 35 were 30-39, 24 were 20-29 and three filled out exit survey’s that were under the age of 19. Children were not specifically counted; however, there were approximately 44 people that utilized the face painting table.

 The top three utilized services were:  the Abbotsford Addiction Centre with 170 bracelets made for guests. CARE assisted 109 of our guests and Jubilee Street Outreach gave 211 pieces of clothing out to approximately 104 people.

The Seven Oaks Alliance Church kitchen produced a hot breakfast and a sit-down lunch for guests and volunteers. An estimated 350 meals were served at each sitting. Everyone who filled out an exit survey took home a bag filled with snacks, juice, water, rain capes and comfort bags (which were filled with toiletries, socks, wash clothes, etc.) Over 175 comfort bags were assembled and donated by the parishioners at Seven Oaks Alliance Church and Trinity United Church.