Banking On Youth Project Update

Published on July 8th, 2014

Banking on Youth

Vibrant Abbotsford recognizes that youth need knowledge, skills and confidence to become and stay economically self-sufficient. The Banking on Youth project supports youth's competent financial decisions that can equip them against poverty. 

Money Skills workshops are delivered to youth aged 12-25 years via local youth-serving agencies, schools, and to the general public. The workshops provide youth with strategies on how to navigate new financial territories with confidence and effectively manage money, avoid spending temptations, maximize savings and build good habits for life. They become equipped to make positive financial choices, are less vulnerable to financial pitfalls, and are less likely to fall into poverty. 

Achievements of 2013-2014 

Over the last year, 103 youth participated in our Money Skills courses. These youth have improved knowledge of banking systems, budgets, credit and needs vs. wants. Youth have increased confidence in managing money, ability to set financial goals and take action, and hope for their financial futures. Some have been inspired to start using budgets, set longer-term money goals, reduce banking fees, open up savings accounts and make plans to pay off debt. 

Funding Partners


Thank you to Vancity for providing facilitators, curriculum and course materials from the Each One Teach One program.

Thank you to Coast Capital Savings who has generously provided funding for the Banking on Youth project since 2012.

Thank you to FSGV for providing facilitators, curriculum and course materials from the Dollars and Sense program.