Vibrant Abbotsford Says Goodbye To Alison Homer After 3.5 Years

Published on March 14th, 2016

Alison Homer has moved on from Vibrant Abbotsford after 3 1/2 years as Director.  Her main responsibilities were: management of the Abbotsford Harvest Box, Banking on Youth, and Living Wage Fraser Valley projects, fundraising, stakeholder engagement, communications, and human resources.  Specific achievements included: 4,198 Harvest Boxes sold (saving over 850 clients and  2,400 family members); 62 hours of food skills training; 157 hours of Financial Literacy training to a total of 631 youth; enrolled 18 participants in the Matched Savings program which supported youth to build a total of $33,742 in assets; certified 4 Fraser Valley Living Wage employers.  That is just a brief summary of the impact Vibrant Abbotsford made on the local community under Alison's tenure.  She will be missed dearly!  

Shakira Miracle is the new Vibrant Abbotsford Coordinator and can be reached at