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Welfare Food Challenge Day 5

Posted by staff on October 20, 2016

I feel like this little carrot today, small and shrunken.  I am tired, have a headache, and my stomach actually growled in a meeting today.  I don't mean like a little 'I need to drink more water' little gurgle.  I mean a cartoon style, abdomen rippling, wolf growl.  I forgot my lunch at home today.  My small bowl of tomato soup and 3 slices of bread.  My apple for snack.  Food that sounds so sad and simple, but in my hunger makes my mouth water just writing about it.  Then I added insult to injury by agreeing to a meeting moved from 10am to 12:30pm.  Did I concede defeat to a Challenge I knew I was going to lose?  Nope, I pulled a Trump.  Instead, I prepared for the meeting as if I was at my best and as soon as I got into the car my head started pounding. 

So back to that carrot.  Last night I was sharing with a friend my choice to take part in this Challenge and what I have learned in the process.  She then opened her back door and pulled this little carrot from her raised garden bed and offered it to me.  "Would this help?"  We laughed at the sight of her tiny carrot baby and the silliness of her statement.  It made me think of the many ways we all get so overwhelmed by the amount of information and need in the community, let alone our entire world.  Rather than pause and consider if I am equipped to support in some way either in the short or long game, I instead offer up a tiny, yet to be fully developed carrot of an idea or action.  Hey, no judgment right?  We are human, we can only do so much.  However, if we all give a tiny carrot to help someone in the short term, then others keep growing their carrot to help that someone in the long term...every single carrot is necessary and will make a transformative difference.

Back to my friend.  Her instincts as a nurturer then kicked in and she started preparing avocado on toast.  "Could you eat some food if I offered it to you?"  For some totally bizarre reason, I hesitated.  What is wrong with me?!  We have got to get past this whole idea of competition being only positive in our society.  There is a place for setting aside pride and accepting help when you need it.  We all need help of some sort at some point in our lives.  We must take an honest look in the mirror and ask ourselves when was the last time we needed someone's help.  I'll bet it wasn't very long ago.  

And yes, you bet I ate that toast.  She also made me vegetable soup.  And when I went home and served dinner to my family, I was able to sit with them and converse happily because my stomach, and emotional bucket, was full.