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Living Wage Employers

A Living Wage Employer pays all direct and contract staff the living wage rate for their region.  Paying a living wage is one way employers can play a role in reducing poverty by helping to meet the basic needs of their employees.  Everyone in the community will benefit:

  • Employers: higher employee retention and lower absenteeism, as well as cost savings for staff hiring and training.
  • Employees: are more aware of the overall value of their compensation, which builds loyalty and productivity.

To calculate the living wage rate, employers take into account their employees’ total wage plus benefits.  If employees receive non-mandatory benefits, the living wage rate is reduced.  For more information on determining the cost of paying a living wage to employees and developing an implementation plan, please see the Benefits Calculator on the Living Wage for Families website.
Living Wage Fraser Valley recruits and recognizes local employers who sign on the pay a living wage.  We partner with Living Wage for Families to complete the certification process.  Included in recognition is a plaque presentation and media release.
Contact us to find out more about becoming a certified living wage employer. 

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