Poverty Reduction

Our Definition of Poverty in Abbotsford

The condition of a person who does not have sufficient social, economic, or political resources to achieve holistic well-being, and live with dignity, choices, and power which support full participation in society. Poverty is a pervasive and complex reality featuring a number of dimensions. These include age, gender, ethnicity, migration, community, health, physical and developmental ability, and sustainable incomes.

Our Definition of Poverty Reduction

Poverty reduction are actions to move people out of poverty situations, rather than making their lives in poverty more comfortable.  Reducing poverty increases our economic capacity, our health outcomes, and our community vitality.  Vibrant Abbotsford is focused on those in our community currently experiencing or on the verge of falling into poverty. 

Poverty reduction actions include:

  • developing strategies that respond to the lack of affordable and integrated housing
  • improving earnings and working conditions for low wage workers
  • safe, accessible, and affordable transportation for those living on low / fixed income
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