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Living wage rises again in 2015: $17.27/hour required for Fraser Valley families to make ends meet

$17.27 is the wage required to cover the real costs of raising a family in the Fraser Valley. This is the 2015 Fraser Valley living wage, the hourly wage that two full-time working parents with two young children must earn to meet their basic expenses (in…
LIVING WAGE RISES AGAIN IN 2015: $17.27/HOUR REQUIRED FOR FRASER VALLEY FAMILIES TO MAKE ENDS MEET  (Abbotsford) $17.27 is the wage required to cover the real costs of raising … http://vibrantabbotsford.ca/blog/living-wage-rises-again-2015-1727hour-required-fraser-valley-families-make-ends-meet/

Living Wage Fraser Valley Project Update

Living Wage Fraser Valley is now an established, multi-sectoral group who partners with Living Wage for Families to deliver an employer recognition program. Read more about what has been going on with this project for 2013-2014.
Living Wage Fraser Valley Living wage is the minimum hourly income required for a family of four with both parents working full-time to meet basic needs without financial a… http://vibrantabbotsford.ca/blog/living-wage-fraser-valley-project-update/