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$17.02/hour required for Fraser Valley families to make ends meet

$17.02 is the 2014 Fraser Valley Living Wage - the hourly wage that two working parents with young children must earn to cover the real costs of raising a family. Up 65 cents (4%) since 2012, families must now spend $156 more each month to make ends meet.
2014 LIVING WAGE CALCULATION ANNOUNCED: $17.02/HR REQUIRED FOR FRASER VALLEY FAMILIES TO MAKE ENDS MEET (Abbotsford) $17.02 is the 2014 Fraser Valley living wage rate,… http://vibrantabbotsford.ca/blog/2014-living-wage-calculation-announced-1702hour-required-fraser-valley-families-make-ends-meet-1702hour-required-fraser-valley-f/

Vancity recognized as the Fraser Valley's first Living Wage employer

Today Living Wage Fraser Valley recognized Vancity as the Fraser Valley's first Living Wage employer! Vancity employees can afford to be active citizens in their community, without relying on income subsidies.
Vancity was recognized today as Fraser Valley's first Living Wage employer at a ceremony held at Vancity's Chilliwack branch. The event coincided with Vancity's recertification … http://vibrantabbotsford.ca/blog/vancity-recognized-fraser-valleys-first-living-wage-employer/

Living Wage Fraser Valley - 2013 Update

For families with young children, the costs of basic necessities like food, rent and childcare quickly add up. Even with full-time work year round, both parents in a family of four must earn at least $16.37 to escape severe financial stress in the Fraser …
LIVING WAGE CALCULATION SHOWS THE REAL COSTS OF RAISING A FAMILY IN THE FRASER VALLEY ABBOTSFORD, B.C., May 2nd, 2013 – For families with young children, the costs of basic… http://vibrantabbotsford.ca/blog/living-wage-fraser-valley-2013-update/

Myths and Truths about Poverty in Abbotsford

Explore common myths about the standard of living in Abbotsford and shed some light on the poverty in our midst. This rich booklet highlights poverty myths as they relate to Canada in general and Abbotsford in particular.
Excerpts from Vibrant Abbotsford's Myths and Truths about Poverty in Abbotsford Overview Abbotsford has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. The population expand… http://vibrantabbotsford.ca/blog/myths-and-truths-about-poverty-abbotsford/

Creating Election Excitement

Hosting a conversation café in Abbotsford around the topic of poverty provided a great opportunity for focused discussion among citizens and provincial candidates. Organizers learned a great deal about residents’ views on poverty while also recognizing a …
Excerpts from Vibrant Abbotsford's Creating Election Excitement: All-Candidates Poverty Forum in Abbotsford Challenge Finding ways to reignite passion and interest in electio… http://vibrantabbotsford.ca/blog/creating-election-excitement/