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Myths and Truths about Poverty in Abbotsford

Explore common myths about the standard of living in Abbotsford and shed some light on the poverty in our midst. This rich booklet highlights poverty myths as they relate to Canada in general and Abbotsford in particular.
Excerpts from Vibrant Abbotsford's Myths and Truths about Poverty in Abbotsford Overview Abbotsford has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. The population expand… http://vibrantabbotsford.ca/blog/myths-and-truths-about-poverty-abbotsford/

Neighbourhoods Project Report

The Neighbourhoods Project gathered information about issues surrounding rural and urban perceptions of poverty in Abbotsford. The project led to conversations with immigrant and migrant farm workers and members of Abbotsford’s Indo-Canadian community – a…
Excerpts from Vibrant Abbotsford's The Neighbourhoods Project: Vibrant Abbotsford Talks about Poverty Challenge Abbotsford, BC, is described as “the city in the country.” Split … http://vibrantabbotsford.ca/blog/neighbourhoods-project-report/

Abbotsford Community Poverty Profile

Abbotsford faces unique challenges and opportunities in poverty reduction including rapid growth, a rural/urban dichotomy, a young population and an ethnically diverse community.
Excerpts from Vibrant Abbotsford's The Abbotsford Community - A Poverty Profile Overview Located in British Columbia's Fraser Valley, Abbotsford faces unique challenges and op… http://vibrantabbotsford.ca/blog/abbot/