What We're Doing

Championing Poverty Reduction Strategies

Vibrant Abbotsford collaborates with existing poverty reduction efforts while also developing new approaches.

Our goals include:

  • Organizing and stewarding a Poverty Reduction Action Team in partnership with the City of Abbotsford to determine appropriate strategies with timelines and targets for our community
  • Through the partnership of local stakeholders, draft a Poverty Reduction Plan for the City of Abbotsford that is vetted and endorsed by our municipal government
  • Recognize stakeholders who are engaging in poverty reduction initiatives, such as Living Wage Employer certification
  • Provide relevant data and information pertaining to poverty and paths to reduction
  • Serve as a catalyst for the development of new initiatives
multiple ideas for one goal


Vibrant Abbotsford also undertakes projects that will raise awareness and understanding of poverty and its effects, build capacity in the community to have an impact on poverty, and directly benefit those living with low incomes.  The following is a list of our past projects / achievements:

  • Harvest Box and Bulk Buying Club
  • Financial Literacy: Money Skills Sessions
  • Matched Savings: serving youth ageing out of foster care